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What we do

Matimba Foundation Ltd

Is a Foundation dedicated exclusively to Humanitarian causes where we believe act in accordance to God’s will bettering the world under God’s guidance.

For this reason, we believe to be a religious foundation where the beneficiaries are the People, namely, Widows, Children, and the Youth, and above all whom God chooses to promote philanthropic activities.

The best inheritance we can bring is without any doubt bringing man to reconciliation with God, living in his fullness.

Matimba Foundation Ltd Build churches, Religious Parishes and Temples, Orphanages, Scholarships, Development of Rural Areas and others.

Our Vision

To grant wishes that will give hope to Widow Women, children and youth in need in communities across Africa in particular and world at large. Our vision statements establish the long-term direction and goals that guide a nonprofit's daily operations. They provide a foundation for a nonprofit's programs, services, communications, organization and culture.

Our Mission

To generate resources through fundraising initiatives and community partnerships, and use those funds to make an impact in the lives of Widow Women, Children and Youth. To attract volunteers and partners who are passionate about helping Widow Women, children and Youth to achieve their hopes, dreams and full potential. To transform communities through helping Widow Women, children, youth and their entire families who need support.

Our Value

The Man living on obedience to God

Our Internally Mission Statement Value

Our Externally Mission Statement Value

Matimba Foundation Ltd

Will grant wishes that will given hope to thousands of widows, children, youth and their families.  We will provide funding to several social projects in the community, promoting projects, human rights value and community organizations count on our support and funding for their programs that help underprivileged widows, children and youth. In addition, we also provide acts of hope through funding to children and families that need immediate support.

Is a lean organization with more than 85% of all funding raised going back to the cause.  Our generous team of volunteers and business partners come together because we believe that everyone has the right to achieve their hopes and dreams.  Together, with our partners we have to raise funding for those in need in our community.


Creating mission and vision statements for a new organization should be a collaborative and participatory process.

Gather input from board, staff, funders, and current or potential beneficiaries, and the broader community. To create a mission statement, discuss why your organization exists, the problem that you are trying to solve, and your values and beliefs about what it will take to make change in the world. To create a vision statement, reflect on your ultimate goal and dream end state.

Once key stakeholders reach consensus on the answers to these questions, distill the most important points into compelling statements. Seek to be concise, memorable and inspiring. Avoid jargon, dull or vague language, and complex sentence structures.