About Gleatz Agro Processing

Gleatz Agro Processing was established and it is in Mozambique since October 2019 and it’s a whole of life food and nutrition trading company, active in all phases of the associated Value Chain, continually seeking to build and optimise it’s license portfolio by the development and maturing of the existing licenses, as well as acquiring new licenses through licenses rouds or by the farming into licenses held by others.

Gleatz Agro Processing has partnership with more than 20 international food and nutrition companies, operating worldwide.

Strategies and Objectives

The Company Strategy is augmented through a commitment to further grow by maintaining it’s established focus on development opportunities in Africa, particularly in the Southern Africa region whilist keeping it’s portfolio in balance to ensure a steady flow of projects to grow Value and reserves.

Core Business

Gleatz Agro Processing core business revolves around 7 types of cereal, such as:

Group Companies