Gleatz Agro Processing core business revolves around 7 types of cereal, such as:

Black eyed pea

Butter beans

Navy beans

Black turtle beans

Soy beans

Cajanus Cajan

Pinto bean

It also revolves other Products such as cashew nuts, Nuts, Rice, Sesame and brown sugar. These Products are originated maintaining from the central and northern regions of the country. Gleatz Agro Processing also deploys its expertese in the origination and marketing of all cereals Original present in the country and continent region. At the same, Gleatz Agro Processing deploys expertese on other flow of Mozambican Original, mainl proteins.

These Products are originated mainly from Southern Africa region, primarly Mozambique. Its product like also include a full range of associated services designed to provide its customers with reliable and customised execution.

This unique expertese makes Gleatz Agro Processing one of the Markets leading company for both origination and export.



Specialised and competitive supply of high quality cereals on FOB and CIF basis;

Comprehensive monitoring of the supply Chain with quality checks and supervision of logistics and loading.

A Wide range of pricing mechanism including future contracts and options.

A high degree of flexibility tailored-made services for issuance of documents.