About Gleatz Agro Processing

Gleatz Agro Processing was established and it is in Mozambique since October 2019 and it’s a whole of life food and nutrition trading company, active in all phases of the associated Value Chain, continually seeking to build and optimise it’s license portfolio by the development and maturing of the existing licenses, as well as acquiring new licenses through licenses rouds or by the farming into licenses held by others.

Gleatz Agro Processing has partnership with more than 20 international food and nutrition companies, operating worldwide.


To make long-term difference in our industry and earn the trust of our partners and shareholders.


To be recognised as a company and partner of choice in the African food and nutrition industry for delivery on our promises, pioneering new opportunities and approaches and bringing value to our industry, shareholders and community.



Trust isn’t given, it’s earned. By consistently delivering on our promises whether to our collegues, partners or shareholders, we build successeful relationships that are build on accountability and mutual respect. This is essential to our long-term success.


Our passion for what we do Comes through in every area of our business. We are confident and open minded, which enables us to pioneer new and better solutions and approaches whether analysing data or at the negociation table.


We know we can achieve more as a company than we can as individuals. Our collegial culture and flat herarchy means, we consider different points of view and approaches to deliver the best solutions for the business. When the business succeed, we succeed.


For us it’s fun to always want to be better and this means trying new things and always looking for better ways to reach our goals. We are proud of what we do and our integrity in delivering it.


Gleatz Agro Processing has formulated clear policies for the key areas of our operations. These provide the framework for reaching our Vision, Mission and objectives, as well as supplementing laws and regulations in the geographic areas where we operate.


We consider ourselves an open, responsible and value conscious company and wish to be seen as such by both internal and external stakeholders. We therefore strive to build and maintain good relations with all relevant stakeholders, as we consider such relations important and positive for the company future development.

For this reason, we have defined a number of policies to ensure that we provide correct and adequate information to all our stakeholders. And additionally place high priority on being available and accessible to inquiries.


Our management team has more than 20 years experience in various economic sectors, including food and nutrition industry. The management team has the overall responsability for the management of the subsidiaries.

The team determines the business policies with regards to business Strategy, organisation, Accounting and Finance and appoint the subsidiaries management team.

Our Strength

Specialised and competitive supply of high quality cereals on FOB and CIF basis.

Comprehensive monitoring of the supply Chain with quality checks and supervision of logistics and loading.

A Wide range of pricing mechanism including future contracts and options.

A high degree of flexibility tailored-made services for issuance of documents.