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About Gleatz Holding

Much has been discussed about the profitability of business in Africa in particular and in the world at large. Our position on the subject is clear: There is no sector of activity that holds a preconceived status of being profitable.

Profit in the company is a result of the effective and efficient manipulation of the company’s production factors and the ability to face the external environment. This exercise necessarily requires the presence of individuals who dominate science and technology, who are active actors in any social-economic and political contexts, who are governed by a high sense of corporate culture, whether in decision-making or in the vanguard, Perhaps, this way our philosophy is justified in the search of these social actors that gather the faculties for the success of the businesses.  



We engage in an ethical, effective, efficient and transparent manner with all our collaborators, suppliers, stakeholders, clients, taking accountability for our actions. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and strictly comply with institutional policies and procedures with international standards and ethic procedures


Our main primary objective and focus is to provide the highest standard value of service quality, competitive prices, good product and high standard quality.

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce costs and increase production in our companies through benchmarking of best practices and employee participation.


We encourage innovation that leads to minimization of damage, waste and zero discharge environment and optimal use of natural resources, improved efficiency and recovery of by-products.